Dilip Kumar deteriorates

Dilip Kumar deteriorates


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Veteran actor Dilip Kumar may be alive in medical terms, but well-informed sources say that he’s all but gone.

“He cannot recognize anyone; sometimes, not even his own wife Saira ji.  He can no longer walk or speak. He even needs to be carried to the bathroom. For all practical purposes, he’s oblivious to the world around him,” a source says, adding that keeping the 95-year-old alive has almost become a mission for his wife.

A close friend of the couple confirms the sorry situation, saying, “It is true, Yusuf sahab (Dilip Kumar) doesn’t talk or recognize anyone anymore. He has been this way a while, but Saira ji is spending all her savings on keeping him alive. She has nothing else to live for.”

As sad as it sounds, we can only hope that when the day comes, the man who was once one of India’s greatest actors passes away in peace.