Kajol: Sexual harassment is in every industry

Kajol: Sexual harassment is in every industry


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In a press conference organised to discuss the allegations of harassment that she had levelled against Nana Patekar and workers of Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena along with the producer and director of ‘Horn 'Ok' Pleassss’: Sami Siddiqui and Rakesh Sarang respectively, former actress Tanushree Dutta revealed why she decided to touch again upon the controversy that first erupted almost ten years back.

Tanushree started off by disclosing the purpose of her visit to India, “I came to India for a holiday and a lot of media persons wanted to know why I have been away. And in the last 8 years, all kinds of gossip about me, malicious gossip in print, Youtube, behind closed doors was going on. I wanted to set the record straight. I request you to not make fictitious stories, rather listen to me. I spoke about my experience 10 years ago and through the years I set out on a spiritual journey which taught me many things and that is why I am here with clarity and strength, retelling my story. Back to take up the fight that I had given up very long back because you can’t fight alone. Instead of spending my energy on talking about the same thing again and again, I wanted to conserve my energy and focus on my own well-being. In the middle of this, in the interviews, someone asked me why don’t we have a Me Too movement in India.”

She further said, “That is when I asked how will the Me Too movement happen here? When I spoke about the harassment I faced 10 years back, I did not get any justice. To have our own Me Too movement, first, we need to acknowledge a complaint that was filed publicly and then we can think of having our own Me Too movement.”

Tanushree pointed out the stark differences between the Indian and American society to show how a movement like Me Too can’t catch momentum here. “We have a habit of aping the West. The law and order, the community and the society over there (U.S.) supports Me Too. The movement happened when women started coming out and talking about it. We have had women talking about their experiences for a very long time here, but no one listens.”